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"dispatch disconnect - reattach reconnect"


released July 22, 2010



all rights reserved


Adam & the fish eyed poets Chennai, India

Adam & the fish eyed poets is the recording project of chennai based singer/songwriter Kishore Krishna

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Track Name: Black eyed monster
black eyed monster have u no comfort to give
as u fade into into the final candle's flickering
for when this struggle for power gives way to the morning
another night of vacuum goes to the beast

black eyed monster ,is there no end? to your predatory ways
is there no thrill worth living for ....but the chase?
u call em muses i call em prey cos they wont ever see the light of day again
black eyed monster is there no end to ur predatory games

*cos when the fever cools, i'll lose u for good
when the fever cools ...I'll lose u for good

black eyed monster with all your symmetry.... u had me tie u to a leash
and leave u to die in midst the bones.... bones of the lovers i couldn't please
now the sun it sets upon our teenage lust, and all that's left to do is clean up
black eyed monster i miss u so ...... how i wish.. i had u stuffed

*cos when the fever cools i'll lose u for good
yeah when the fever cools i'll lose u for good
Track Name: No way around
i see a force field
and its keeping me out....
now i could wait for some movement
but it doesn't seem likely at all
so i wait for what seems like forever....
at the foot of this void
and the shadows that dwell in what lays before me
call out in a plaintive voice

*come in come in...there is no other way out
come in ...there is no way other way out
come in ...there is no other way out
no way ....

so how long will u keep me here
like some bird tied to a wire
or some moth flying around a cracked street lamp
with eyes burned and wings on fire
and i feel this surge ....this lightning bolt
of contempt and burning desire
and sends my failing... rocket ship
crashing into ur lips ... ur lips....

i'm in i'm in ...there is no way around this
i'm in there is no way around this
i'm in ..there is no way around this
no way ...no no no
Track Name: Ouroboros Blues
wish i was a better son to u ...
i wish i was a better son to u... i wish i was ...cool with all of the abuse ...
i'm gonna grow up to be a cold ass sob just like u

if i could look away as u get on with the exploitation of all yer little children
bound by the tentacles of ur deceit ...no things wont change ...
they can't shake yer ball and chain no
its perfectly designed and it gets heavier with time ...there's no escape

u think that we don't see them kids playing on the other side of the street
with prospects and opportunities shiny happy with shoes on their feet yea i can see a
violent retribution come to seed
yea we can see u getting fat sitting so smug on ur flabby ass ... oh the conceit

i'm standing over ur corpse , the eldest son of Beelzebub
the legacy is mine ..but i'm powerless when i come to find...that i am ur masterpiece
i am u and ur the soul of me ...
yea we're just part same machine and its got its tail ...stuck in between its teeth
Track Name: sheepdog
sheepdog hey sheep dog guard the little piggies tonight from ur own kind
from the eyes behind the wire
sheep dog hey sheep dog there's a battered door at the back of ur mind that hides ....
wat ur eyes seem to desire
but u could ........

sheep dog hey sheepdog there's a look in ur eyes
that i cant read,,,,,,wat could it be?? its like a swamp that hides the beast
is it blood lust ? is it the consequence of ur acceptance of the inevitability
of a hardened rain that comes to wash away all ur beliefs now

**but u could
slit their throats in their sleep
feast all night on forbidden meat
hey hey sheepdog wats it gonna be??

sheepdog hey hey sheepdog back when u were younger chewing at ur tether
u wished upon a star that u'd be the last to laugh
sheep dog oh no sheepdog now ur wagging ur tail for the minimum wage
u sold ur soul for a dirty old bone didn't u???

*hey hey sheepdog the moon is full
hey hey sheepdog which side would u choose?
**yeah u could
slit their throats in their sleep
feast all night on forbidden meat
hey hey sheepdog wats it gonna be?
Track Name: crutch
doors and walls
and ceilings
seem to bind us all
we ain't so different after all

and pop goes the private universe
we fall to be crippled upon the surface of the earth
and we pelt our stones on those who float
(oblivious) above us

but time will see them all heed gravity's call

so thus descends the evening
we set our traps believing
that someone gives a shit
bout what we claim to have accomplished

and we lay our expectations
upon this cybernetic crutch
cos it seems the human touch
just don't cut it any more

so we destroy what we can't have
its the only law we know..
its all we know
its all we know
Track Name: Ode to a thorn
...And i thought i saw another thorn in an ocean of petals
i thought i saw some hope for me... but unsurprisingly i was mistaken
she was sitting there diagonally across
detached from her friends as they were downing shots
they were drinking to something of little or no importance
and she was staring blankly into the distance

#but i saw nothing in her face , in her eyes or her mouth
no poetry, no symmetry yeah she was just another cow
a smoke filled mirror with disproportionate breasts
and I'll stare at her with contempt till i burn a hole in her dress

cos anybody's who's ever been just a fly on the ceiling nailed by his feet.... bleeding
yeah just an ornament of someone else's selfish vanity will understand misery's selfish need for company
yeah its a need that's never taken seriously so i'll stare indiscreet , cock in cheek ,
till this goddamn universe decides to turn on me
but she's ignoring me she is...she's trying hard but she's succeeding
yeah she's ignoring me she is..and she sure as hell is succeeding

#and she's popping my bubble
yeah she's denying me the attention
the attention that i so desperately need
to escape my own resentment

so i'll stare till i'm stopped or forcibly removed
but i can't stop oh no

cos i saw another thorn ...in an ocean of petals........
Track Name: can't stand the light
the weight of the morning with its expectation, seems to much to bear
the tide it is turning back and forth but i couldn't care
but the promise of the night makes it all seem worth the while
but lately there's been no charm about it
yeah lately there's been no mystery about it

this bar reeks just like any other , of wall to wall scum and bloodsuckers
and the face that's been shaping my dreams ain't likely to show ,so i think i'll leave
but oh no there she stood in her stilettos and her reaper's hood
but lately there ain't been all that much about her
yeah her beauty and grace are draining from her

but I said
#hey lover. is there space for me at the back of ur car
hey lover could i stick my head in between ur breasts and stay there
until the end or time or tonight ....
cos i cant stand the light

hey mr matador shalala ur luck's run out
ur shiny suit wont protect ur soul from Diablo's horns yeah he's got u now
but no... wait.. it looks so staged
yeah just a phantom punch and a quick escape
cos lately there's been this peaceful look about u
like u sealed a deal with the forces that would torment u

and that night with a kiss on the lips ,she smiled at me and she walked away
saying time paints different masks upon us , we've got no control and we've got no say
and we can't help but sail apart ,and sail toward more open hearts
but lately paradise seems so empty
yea her body is just as hollow as her eyes seem

## and hey lover i was thinking of u when i shot my self
and hey lover were u thinking of me when u were givin head
to some bastard on the city's edge
who left ya bleedin at the foot of ur bed
in a pool of blood just cos u said
that u remembered that night
when we escaped the light ...
when we escaped the light
Track Name: little monkeys
look at all the bored little monkeys ...standing around intoxicated
ready to please anything that will guarantee them some entertainment
and whooo there's a drunk girl dancing on the roof top
desperate for some attention
and the drunk little monkeys are more than happy to oblige her singin

*turn around baby turn around baby turn....
turn around baby turn around baby turn
or just jump u stupid bitch why don't u jump?
and entertain us all why don't u jump?......

look at all the drunk little monkeys standing around captivated
holding their drinks and staring at the drunk girl
the air is tense but they really aren't concerned
cos chances are she isn't really drunk... she's just tryin to escape the isolation
of being human in a world of monkeys no u really cant blame her ... yea she's probably thinking

*turn around baby turn around baby turn
turn around baby turn around baby turn
or just jump u stupid bitch why don't u just jump
and entertain them all why don't u jump ?
u've got nothing else to live for ....

look at all the shocked little monkeys
standing around looking disconcerted
there's a dead little drunk girl bleeding on the lawn ..
how could she do it ...how could she kill their fun?
Track Name: under the carpet
i see a darkness crawl out of a coffee cup
and it twists into a shape that reminds me of u
and all hope fades ...off the end of my cigarette
and the smoke tells a story of a love abused...

*baby was i really so expendable?
was i so easy to forget?
was i so easy to dispose of?
that u could just sweep it all underneath the carpet

how was i to see..past ur beautiful disguise love?
how was i to escape i was far too young
yeah attention for sex seemed like such a fair trade
but the heartbreak and the resentment weren't part of the exchange ...no...

*baby doesn't it all seem so despicable
tell me ur not fillin up with regret?
i dare u to tell me ur inseparable
from all of them dirty lumps underneath ur carpet...

yea i dare u to tell me ....
Track Name: Deepthroat
deep inside the bowels of ur soul
..the birthing grounds of all the evil i know
deep inside the walls of ur throat
behind that dam from where all evil flows
#a sigh ...erupts ...calling me home
cos fear and lust ain't that far apart u know

deep inside ur sewage pipe heart
there's a drum that beats and its calling me closer
so deep inside my sword will thrust
and twist and turn till ur spitting blood on my shoulder
@for ur teeth and ur venom dont scare me none...
ur skin is cold but there's a fire on ur tongue

so high above the sky so estranged
she looks down on me with tears running down her face
high above a love so pure
she turns away in disgust but i ain't ashamed any more...
#the lighting crashes as she takes my name in vain
and a cloud erupts .. cools my brain

(cool it
cold colder cold......)

its cold tonight and ur scales are wet
ur covered in the sticky juice of shame and disrespect
ur warm blooded dream eventually ran out of steam
and died a sorry little warm blooded death
#it ain't u babe ...they cant seem to fight ur spell
so stick yer tongue out and taste the night for something else...
Track Name: Johnny's last stand
she walks paradise tonight
yea tonight she sleeps in the forest where all else is quiet
and i'm kneeling by her side i've got nothing to offer her now
but for the bitterness that is customary and a tear that's found its way out

# wat does she see now ?
does she see the light? ...
does she see the uncertainty in my eyes

white flowers white white flowers
seem so weak beside the mountain that is her coffin
I remember when I first saw her soul
trapped in that prison of flesh and bone
and my hand did lean toward that wretched knife
that did take her life that did take her
from a spirit trapped in stone devoid of form
i did release her... i did....release her

but can she see it now?
can she see the light?
can she see the uncertainty in my mind

and in that moment of poetry and perfection
i did stand witness to her resurrection
as a scathing light did dissect the night
and her body rose up to a cloudless sky
and she said
i can see it now
i can see the light
i can see
that death is upon u tonight