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About dead loops
people get stuck , life can suck. loopy looopy loopy loop oh f***


released May 7, 2011

all songs written , performed , and produced by kishore krishna , all tracks recorded in kishore's bedroom



all rights reserved


Adam & the fish eyed poets Chennai, India

Adam & the fish eyed poets is the recording project of chennai based singer/songwriter Kishore Krishna

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Track Name: Purgatory city
what more… am I to inhale ….but for the stench of the sea …and the sickening anxiety
what more ….is there to this town ….than sitting on the beach …not knowing who to turn to ….

forced to react at 24
should have been an engineer but what do I know
at least I know they don't own my soul
but living with my parents sure kills the romance of it

but oh .. here it comes and its stronger than I feared
lts a freight train running through the muck between my ears
it sweeps me off my feet and it hastens my breath
but its only transitory so I'll tell my self

*that I can slow down…and take a look around
cos there ain't no need to worry down in purgatory city

if I had a clue back at 22
I could've learned to sing in tune, I could've written a book
yea I should have made an effort but its better late than never
yea that's what they'll tell you when they know your spirit's
down and you're too old to fuck around
but you've got enough gas to be seen as a commodity
yea they'll give you a title and they'll give you check
and say turn up on time and we'll take care of the rest

now I've got my own bike and I party on the weekend
if I suck em off right… I can jump to middle management
and find a piece of ass to sexually harass
yea third world livin ain't all that bad

so I'm sold out .. and fucking around
there was never sense in trying in this deadbeat town

I've got a comfortable life at 25
.. just had to stick around and do just about enough to survive....
Track Name: I will follow
...and I will follow
no questions asked …I'll do as I'm told
yes I will follow ... the only one
... the only faith I know

so please don't sugar coat this guillotine
I'm seventeen now
so please don't sugar coat this guillotine
I'm old enough to know

…and I'll just close my eyes as you unsheathe your blade
cos all I can do is pray
yea I'll pray that you see what's right
but you don't care
you only listen to that voice in your head

so please don't sugar coat its violence
its something that you cant defend
so please don't lie to me I know its breaking your heart
that I followed you till the end…
Track Name: Acid facial
I've tried all of the things
society deems respectable
then I tried all of the tricks from the movies
but I'm still invisible
so maybe its time to turn the tables
maybe its time for an acid facial
cos if I can't have her then nobody can ever
see her the way I see her now
yea if I can't have her then no body will ever
see her the way I see her now….

I thought
then I cried
then I tried to blame it on society
blame it on religion
blame it on the class divide
but I don't feel any different inside
so maybe its time for a new beginning
maybe its time for an acid cleansing

yea if I can't ever then no body will ever know her the way I know her now
a flick of the wrist and that pretty little mask will corrode
so here it goes…

oh lord what have I done
oh lord what have I become ….
Track Name: Harvest
how long till the winter ...
how long till the fall
how long till the summer comes ...
when I can be done with it all

how long till the harvest …

how long till they're tired
how long till they're bored
how long till they find another
to flush down their toilet bowls

how long till the harvest
how long till I can be shipped away
packed and sorted in the supermarket
its all I wanted
or maybe I just wanted out

my lungs are heavy
and my face is blue
16 and found dead in a locker
I wonder what they're gonna say in the news

16 and I missed the the harvest
16 and I won't ever be shipped away
all I wanted was
to be another brick in the wall
and die a fat old boring cliche..

yea just another ..just another ….
where's my flag at ? …..

and ooh… did it end so soon
dying comes easy in the afternoon
and who would've thought it true
but I always knew that the waiting was the hardest part ...
yea the hardest part…
Track Name: Suicide Girl
I was 12 and u were 13…
faded t-shirts and faded jeans
you'd come over and we'd watch an old movie or 2
we knew we were the coolest kids in school

and the boys.. yea the boys they'd seem alright
but the girls they'd hate you like some fashionable vice
they couldn't figure why the boys were so into you
but we knew they just wanna (play baseball)

and I wished I could (yea I wished I could)
how I wished I could (yea I wished I could)
you know I wished I could(you know I wished I could)
have been the loving man… the loving man in your life

you told me I was the only one you could trust
cos your momma was a bitch and your daddy was a drunk
yea she'd pretend to be asleep when he would come in to your room
and you'd think of me when he would……

and it all fell apart when she decided to leave -
- you all alone with that dirty old man and his disease
you were crying and and you told me that it had to end
and I was sitting there feeling so helpless

and I wished I could (yea I wished I could)
how I wished I could (how I wished I could)
you know I wished I could(how I wished I could)
have been the loving man… yea the loving man in your life

suicide girl
lemme lend u a hand...
I'll be the first to admit that it was
so romantic…. so romantic ...
Track Name: Lotus
lotus..with your paper stem
wrapped around my ankles
wont you ever let me go...

lotus .. the stench of your decay
….batters my resolve away
and the birds… in your garden ..
don't sing for me ..anymore

but there was a time...
when the stars called out ...
and I could have left you…
but not anymore...

lotus … I've grown tired
of your earthly delights
and your parasitic tongue ...
leaves a sickness in my mouth..
for I stopped loving u so long ago

but your sorrow .. pulls me closer...
deeper ...till I cant see...
anymore ...
Track Name: Late in the day
late in the day
when the fire's out and you forget my face
when you don't remember and the white hot anger
in your blood…
oh son... what have you done?

dark was the night and cold was the cage
all them pawns and them sorcerers couldn't hide your face
for all the privileges abused and bent out of shape
you've gotta own up son…. you're just another rat in this maze

and its all so peaceful now
the carnival died… without a sound
them tears won't wash the blood from your hands
but if it matters son …I forgive you ...
but I'll never.... understand……
Track Name: Little Man
I wouldn't know what was right
if it kicked me in the face
I'm just another average son
pushing himself just to keep the pace

and I won't upset the order
I'll respect the chain of command
I ain't got no passion… I don't want any answers
the good lord ..knows I've got a chance

yea I've got a job
workin (in) micro finance
and I guess it pays ok
the boss's dad's got the right connections
there's nothing in his way
and my first assignment was a fisherman's daughter
who took a lease on a small body of water
she was orphaned at 15 with a family to feed
was just a matter of time before she fell behind
60 % yea that's what the book says
60 % or they'll have your head
they sent a bunch of thugs to get her
but she was already dead so I'll just tell myself

that I can't upset the order
or question the chain of command
I'm a replaceable cog that can't afford to lose his job
so the good lord will have to understand

that I'm just a little man
just another little man
trying to sleep at night
trying to sleep at night...
Track Name: Rat
I was born a rat
with dirt neath my nails
I've got a shriveled little dick
and I'm opportunistic
and I feed my toxic shit to kids

....and my men… they hate me
and my air conditioned room

'cos I am the boss man… yeah yeah

now my wife she hates me
and I don't blame her so
she had to leave the man she loved
for some privileged schmuck
that her folks would approve of…

...and I impose my will
I'm ever so cruel but I try to be subtle

'cos I am her bossman... oh yeah

now my daughter looks like the milkman
and she hates me as well
she says I smell like the industrial revolution
and her teacher says I'm going straight to hell
but I really don't mind
rats don't have no need for pride

cos I am the boss man …yeah yeah ...
Track Name: Poison Flask
take a little sip ...from the poison flask
and step out side the weary wheel of time
you don't need a good woman ...lover or wife
you could throw it all away for a taste of this forbidden wine

cos you're alone… yea alone… like nobody's ever been before
and the wheel's too crowded and fast.. when you're growing old

so I step out of this swamp and into to this bar
its filled with the gators and the scum and them bleeding hearts
and they're all looking for the same old thing
and to think I could cure them of their suffering
but if they don't get what they want they'll just start another war
but that don't really affect me at all
no that won't really affect me at all

and they long for the day …that time catches up and they can be replaced
yea they long for the day … that time catches up and they can be replaced ….
Track Name: Wretched ghost
I was a wretched ghost
blowing on windows
scratching chalkboards

I was insufferable
for I saw them angels
and I turned to run

for I refused to believe in a heaven without u
yea I refused to believe in a heaven without u
but the world…
it turns quicker when you're standing still …

now I'm not a wanderer
not tied to the wind
or free like driftwood

but I am a restless soul
I'll be hiding in mirrors
staring back at u…

and if I could I would comfort u
yea if I could I would smother u
but my spirit is so brittle now ...
my spirit is so cold …
Track Name: Transit
...thus begins the day as the last did end
with the rising stench of desperation
and I'll slip into a skin that never really fit
oh why do we choose to learn so slowly….

death to all them loops and comfort zones
to the conspired hoax that we call hope
death to circumstance and a blade to god's hand
for I will not be denied my rightful transit to the final…. disassembling..

rise above ...
rise above ....rise above
the love that never was….