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8th October 2024 3:13:pm

Shanti tries to blame her deceased mother for something, she isn’t sure what exactly for… or if it was real. Shanti gets over stimulated.


By the waves of the open ocean.
And by the stars that now contain your soul.
I swear, all is forgiven.
All grudges drowned and forgotten,
beneath the waves.

And I’ll shiver,
wail and deny for you.
Till the rest of the eyes have left my shoulders.

Oh cowards don't sleep well.
No, cowards don't sleep at all.
A coward earns what a coward deserves.
But I know, I don't deserve to feel so small.

A door opens and a sliver of light,
carves the night in half, and renders me petrified.
And a ghost, all silver and cold,
with a knife and fork, she picks her portions.

But no… I can't be sure,
if I’m just fishing for a cure,
or some resolution fantasy to justify the pity.
But was that you? With the sickle and the flies?
You that sucked the levity right out of my life?
Oh was that you? Or was that a dream?
Or was I… Just written… To suffer… For the eyes… That read?

Oh Medea I’ve not forgotten.
Oh Medea will I be forgiven?
Oh Medea I’ve not forgotten.
Oh Medea will I be forgiven?


from More Songs from an Island, released September 18, 2015
featuring Abhinav Krishnaswamy on bass
Drums- Prabhu Muralee



all rights reserved


Adam & the fish eyed poets Chennai, India

Adam & the fish eyed poets is the recording project of chennai based singer/songwriter Kishore Krishna

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